There were pop up shows

 There were pop up shows too leaving the kids with all smiles. The very first edition of the flea witnessed thousands of happy, chirpy and enthusiastic audience who were seen enjoying  chilling at the flea.There was plenty for everyone to do. The first thousand entrants got free beers while the kids got one plus one on Smaaash Junior games. Food stalls likeKebabzaadey Via Calcutta were put up which had the crowd’s pull..The interesting thing that the flea observed was the antigravity booth which left the on goers amused.The food, shopping and cultural festival celebrated its 1stedition with a grand success and there are many reasons you wouldn’t want to miss it next year.Various stalls from popular joints had set up like Bhukkad Gali, NV Jewellery, Soul Star Soup, Vadilal icecream, Bombay Batwa, Thread Stories, Green Soul غير مجاز مي باشدmetics,

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Sand Castle who had the crowds trying their hands upon and queuing upto.The kids had a gala time enjoying games and activities at Smaaash Junior.The youngsters and elders enjoyed listening to live music from popular artists like Samuel Berlie, Juggy Sandhu, Alder eye, Himanshu Kohli along with gazing and trying their hands on the luxurious cars bikes like Mercedes , BMW, Harley Davidson  Audi among others which were on display. People were seen taking pictures while having their friends experience the activity.An extravaganza for entertainment, fashion and foodMumbai, December, 2018– South Mumbai cheered with loads of fun, entertainment, delicious food and fun activities at The Downtown Flea last weekend.

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Treating with eye drops

What are the symptoms?In the initial stages blurry or foggy

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vision is accompanied by sensitivity to light and glare that decreases the vision in dim or bright light. During the second stage, the blisters gets bigger and breaks causing eye pain, changes in the shape of the cornea leading to other vision problems. Due to this the front surface of the cornea remains smooth and intact with DMEK which leaves the eye much stronger and less prone to accidental injury.·    Stroma – it builds upto 90% of the corneal thickness and is the middle layer comprising of collagens and other structural material.
According to several studies it has also been found that females are twice likely to develop the condition than male.Fuchs’ Dystrophy a corneal eye disease happens when the innermost layer of the corneal cells undergoes degenerative changes. Gradually the condition is known to affect both the eyes causing cloudy, hazy and declining vision. The condition when the cornea swells and forms blisters in the front of the cornea is known as bullous keratopathy. Many patients also feel like seeing colored halos around light.In the case of endothelial dystrophy and ocular hypertension, doctor recommends glaucoma eye drops to reduce the intraocular pressure (IOP) as high eye pressure can damage the corneal endothelium and worsen the condition. Though genetic reasons attribute to about 50% of the cases, idiopathic cases where usually symptoms persist around 40-50 years of age are coming up even in people under the age of 30 years.
Treating with eye drops and ointments along with use of special salt solution that helps in removing the excess fluid out of the cornea works best to relieve the symptoms in the initial stages. If the sores become painful, surgical intervention is needed to create flaps over the sores to reduce pain.What causes Fuch’s Dystrophy?People suffering from this disorder usually get up with a blurry vision in the morning that gradually worsens throughout the day.Penetrating Keratoplasty was the only option for transplant that involved to surgically removing the damaged cornea, where patients had to be too careful to ensure the wounds don’t rupture even for years. Rather than stitches , the tissue is placed with an air bubble which helps in healing faster.Mahipal S SachdevChairman, Centre for Sight.A bio-microscopic exam of the eye will reveal any abnormalities and the ophthalmologist may also suggest some additional examinations like pachymetry test to measure the corneal thickness, a specular microscopic examination to look at the thin layer of the cells that lines the back part of the cornea along with the visual acuity test. This is the first stage of the disorder and eventually if the condition worsens, and small blisters may be formed. Risk factors like smoking and diabetes are also known to trigger the condition.Initially the fluid may only build up during sleep and the vision may be hazy in the morning as soon the person gets up and gets better with the day.·    Endothelium – is the single layer located on the descemet membrane to provide the appropriate balance of fluid in the cornea.
This happens due to the failure of the layer to pump out the excess fluid accumulation causing corneal swelling thereby affecting the vision.With advancements in the field of ophthalmology, development of laser ablations, corneal transplant techniques have revolutionized the patient recovery for better vision. The tissue is carefully removed through a small incision, and the replacement donor tissue is rolled up, inserted and flattened out. This layer provides, cornea the dome-shape and strength. Progression of the condition is characterized by severe eye pain, difficulty to see in the night, poor vision and a sensation of presence of some particle in the eye. The genetic basis seems quite complex with severities and degrees varying through the family members.By: Dr.What are the treatment options?Depending on the severity and degree of the symptoms, treatment also varies.
Endothelium, the cell layer in the cornea responsible for maintaining appropriate amounts of fluid in the cornea and keep it clean and clear, dies off with the progression of the disease. Decemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK) replaces only the damaged endothelium of the cornea with a precision of upto one-twentieth of the actual corneal thickness.The only cure for FD is a corneal transplant.How does it affect the cornea?Cornea is the front portion of the eye comprised with three main layers –·    Epithelium – it acts as a barrier to protect the cornea from foreign particles like dust, debris and bacteria.

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This protective layer

 But, of course, it is generally recommended, and you may be offered a discount if you block book. But who is right for you and where you have to do it? This is of course a very individual choice.Very dull complexions of microdermabrasion is now common. Medical غير مجاز مي باشدts tend to vary from £ 75 to £ 300 per treatment.Each street can boast a number of facial treatments, promising younger, fresher, without skin problems. It is often neck masغير مجاز مي باشدe, which is where most of us carry a lot of tension, as well as help the drainage helps to eliminate toxins and congestion.
Face has a different purpose, such as deep-cleaning or anti-aging and often individually customized..I would recommend a face to anyone, young or older, yes, men too! Your therapist will help you but can you at regular intervals or a single treatment, it will be really useful. Since this procedure is a غير مجاز مي باشدmetic surgery prices will be applied for and will be very different. Microdermabrasion ABradio upper layer of the skin, usually blasting with a fine crystalline powder, and freshening the face. Prices are very different, depending not only location but also for use in product prices. Facial masغير مجاز مي باشدers for the same effect, but because the eye is so delicate I would not recommend using them there.There are also various kinds of electrical therapy. You're not the first time you go to the gym tone up, and if you stop the muscles slacken again. Dermabrasion literally scrapes away the skin's surface and a chemical peel removes it with acid. I personally think that this treatment should not be over-used, and preferably should be professional. , But this is where they begin to

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differ. Spa-style, for example, hot and cold stone treatments may also be additional benefits. Some of them can be expressed in terms of treatment, focusing on one area, such as the eyes. Whether treatment should be given to the salon or spa, or a mobile therapist, you should be able to discuss what treatment involves and impacts and benefits.Where is the easiest to solve.. Therapists generally advise you on your choice based on consultation and examination of skin care and product selection.You may wonder if you're doing a regular face at home, why should you pay for treatment? First, it is wonderfully relaxing. The eye area is particularly poorly drained, which is why we have dark circles and bags. Their professional interests you to achieve good results, and will be well informed, so it's worth asking their advice, if you liked the treatment.. However, one of the most important things to remember that it will take the following course of treatment to be effective, and they must continue to maintain the effect. Typically, they also recommend the purchase of home facial treatments, which they probably will get a commission.
This protective layer, and I do not think that it is ideal to remove it again.Below, or treatment to address their problems? If you're worried about acne, anti-aging facial is unlikely to help. It is difficult to replicate themselves. Some of these types of masغير مجاز مي باشدe, Other electrical impulses through the muscles of your face (facial muscles a workout).More aggressive than in the treatment of dermabrasion and chemical peels. Below I have some of the most common treatment and what they might be a useful guide. They are best suited for those who suffer from scaring or some other skin problem, if you want an anti-aging, microdermabrasion and then freshening would be more appropriate. You will not find these modes, a regular salon or spa, غير مجاز مي باشدmetic surgeons and their expertise. Cells hardens as they die, but if they do not come away from the skin surface, it may be a dull coat.
Therefore masغير مجاز مي باشدe to alleviate these symptoms. Should clean the skin, removes dead skin cells and prepare the skin for further products.There are several home microdermabrasion systems, but they vary in effectiveness. Some people swear by these treatments. They usually start at around £ 30 and can go into the hundreds. They can vary and treatment. Therefore, it can also reduce age spots and wrinkles. Germinating at the bottom of the layer where new cells are produced, and each new cell is pushing closer to the top of the old. hardly surprising that غير مجاز مي باشدts £ 120.The first treatment to discuss the apparent face.
As they are, they are hardened keratin, which protects the skin. Consider the space invites? Therapist or a well-trained and professional? Do you feel happy to spend time and money with this person? If not, go elsewhere. Your skin's protective surface layer of cells, the epidermis, which is constantly updated. This is a fairly drastic treatment, taking time to recover. I know one of the face, which include gold leaf mask .

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